Guests can rest in comfort knowing they're the only ones to ever sleep on their sheets!

No more dirty, smelly, torn or stained sheets and pillowcases, and no toxic chemicals....just a great night's sleep.

Benefits of Pürlin Linens

"One-time use" Linens

Customers don't like the fact that linens are laundered, but what alternatives are out there? Pürlin linens gives your facility the opportunity to offer linens that are used by one customer and then recycled. No more dirty laundry complaints!

First to Market

Pürlin linens are the first of its kind which will give your facility a "WOW" factor that is unmatched by any other hotel. Once your customers realize they won't have to sleep on linens that someone else slept on, they will keep coming back!

Proprietary Technology

Pürlin linens are super soft, durable sheets and pillowcases that are engineered to create a clean, comfortable sleep experience. The recycle loop process is incorporated into the product to ensure we protect our environment by saving water and reducing waste.


Pürlin linens are 100% recyclable to minimize the impact on landfills and reduce the need for water in the laundering process. The patented, certified recycle loop process ensures a smooth process and a certificate documenting what was recycled.

Simple Pricing

Pricing is simple. No more linen weigh-ins and laborious linen counts, which create ambiguity in budgets and undue burden on housekeeping staff. Simply purchase what you need, as you need it.


Intellus, LLC is a Master Distributor for Pürlin Linens and will partner with your facility to ensure all linens are picked up and properly recycled. A tailored, efficient product supply infrastructure is paramount to a successful implementation in your facility, so Intellus takes that responsibility very seriously.


Stop doing what we and the rest of the hospitality industry has been doing for 150 years. Stop the inefficient and costly practice of laundering our bed linens and replace the standard cotton sheets with one-time use and recyclable Pürlin Linens.

How do Pürlin Linens solve chronic pain points?

  • Staff will be more efficient - No more sorting and counting sheets for contractors
  • Bed linen integrity is set to one standard - New for each guest
  • Guest bedding dissatisfaction is eliminated
  • Our staff morale is improved
  • Laundering contractor over site is greatly reduced
  • Dependability of linen product is guaranteed, etc.

This solution is better than existing alternatives.

Why? Because until now there has been no alternative to laundered sheets.

If given the option, guests would love to sleep on sheets no one has ever slept on before.

What if we could wave a wand and guarantee each guest would sleep on brand new sheets each time they stay at our Inn? And do so without breaking our budget?

Repeated complaints of dirty linens frustrate fellow lodging managers.

You've seen them; those survey cards that speak of the worst linens a guest has ever slept on. Or the sheets were smelly. The negative comments go on and on. There has to be a better way! Now there is.

The Laundering Industry is a 150-year old, tired, and broken system.

For generations the system for maintaining bed linens has not changed. There is just no alternative to washing cotton sheets and pillow cases. But now, we have an environmentally sound alternative. One-time use, super soft, hypoallergenic, and recyclable linens by Pürlin.


Purlin's Laundry Free Linens simplify your facility operations while providing your residents with comfortable hypoallergenic sheets and pillowcases.

HealthCare Benefits

  • Pürlin’s hypoallergenic, single-use linens provide the ultimate protection from germs and disease transmission.
  • Pürlin is laundry-free, resulting in operational costs savings in labor, detergents & chemicals, electric, gas, equipment maintenance and inventory replacement.
  • The Pürlin linens are delivered to the healthcare facility, ready to use. After use, they are collected by the housekeeping staff, placed in a designated area within the Housekeeping Department, then picked up and taken to be 100% recycled.

Environmental Impact of Laundering

Reduced Water Consumption

Pürlin reduces water consumption needed in both sheet production as well as the need for laundering the sheets creating an immediate savings from using cotton-based sheets.

Reduction of Pollutants

Since Pürlin Sheets and Pillowcases are completely recycled, there is no laundering process to introduce germ-killing chemicals or other toxins into the local water supply.

Eliminates Toxins

Man-made fiber-based fabrics do not use the toxic pesticides and chemicals required to grow and manufacture cotton.

Water Comparison Chart

Amount Of Water Used To Produce One Queen Size Sheet

It requires 2800 Gallons of Water to Manufacture One Queen Size Sheet. Cotton is a water intensive crop and this chart factors in the water necessary to transform the cotton into fabric including the water needed to dilute wastewater from the fertilized fields.